Renewable Technologies

It is up to everybody to help play their part in reducing Global warming because everybody is going to be affected in some way – and one of the saddest aspects is that many of the world’s people who have played least part in causing the problem are going to be worst affected.

Make sure that you become part of the solution.


Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation

We can help guide you through the Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) grants that are available to install charging points + install these units.

Solar Panel Installation

We are working towards our MCS accreditation and planning our first few solar installs before summer 2021. Solar PV offers fantastic energy savings and payback. Check out our social media feeds for the latest installs.

Solar panel installation
Battery Storage Installation

Battery Storage Installation

Battery storage solutions can be installed alongside solar PV or on their own. You can benefit from cheap rate electric during the night and use this during peak rate dynamic pricing which is due to come into force in the next two years. By doing this we can see huge savings to our electricity bills with reasonable paybacks.

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