Energy Efficiency Assessment

Knowing the level of electricity and power your business uses can be vital in ensuring your electrical installations are as efficient as possible and eye-opening in terms of cost saving opportunities.

Tomlinson Longstaff offer an energy efficiency assessment service to any commercial or industrial business within the north-east, to allow you full visibility of areas in your business where energy usage could be improved, savings on energy consumption could be made and whether the rates you pay are the best for your electrical power usage.

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On average we save our customers between 30 & 40% on their annual energy bill.

So don’t delay, contact us today to book your assessment*, and let us help you become more efficient & energy savvy.

*Energy Efficiency Assessment cost is £500, which may be offset should an improvement works contract be commissioned.

How it works:

  • Initial visual site assessment - we can identify immediate improvements for energy use efficiency and installation output.
  • 1 week usage assessment - we collect surge, electrical supply imbalance and peak usage data over a week to identify patterns, irregularities and inefficiencies.
  • Data analysis & Solution - we closely analyse the data produced & provide you with a comprehensive energy efficiency report, demonstrating your current electrical supply usage & patterns and providing you with solutions to reduce consumption, create usage efficiencies and ultimately cost savings.

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