The importance of maintaining both electrical systems and electrical appliances cannot be understated. Regular maintenance of the electrics is an essential part of any building’s maintenance.

Whether the maintenance is reactive, statutory or preventative, Tomlinson Longstaff Ltd will work with you to ensure that your electrics are safe and legal.

Our services include High Level Lighting Repairs, Fault Finding, General Ongoing Maintenance, Machinery Maintenance, Emergency Lighting Repairs, Lighting Repairs, Small Power Repairs and Breakdowns.

Our experienced staff will work closely with you to make sure that testing is done at the most appropriate times to suit your business.

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Maintenance Packages

By commissioning an electrical installation integrated service & maintenance solution you can save your business up to 10% of the total cost, simply by taking up our ‘bundle offer’ now available.

By bringing together 3 or more of the services listed below, not only will you create energy usage efficiencies & keep up to date with regulatory requirements, but you will also have peace of mind that it is all being handled by one reliable electrical energy solution provider, without you having to think or worry about it.

Our Bundles Offer:

  • 1 point of contact for communications & support
  • 1 invoice source for easy of payment
  • ‘Easy payment’ options may be available
  • Streamlined inspection, maintenance & certification process for greater efficiency
  • Access to our client portal, holding all your regulatory certificates, invoice records, dates of inspection, remedial works etc.
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Pick & Mix Your Service Bundle:

Choose 3 or more of the following to save up to 10% on your total bill:

  • 6 monthly emergency lighting inspection, testing & maintenance
  • Annual PAT inspection & testing
  • 3 or 6 monthly fire alarm inspection, service & maintenance
  • 3-5 year EICR inspection & testing (fixed wire)
  • 3-5 year energy efficiency assessment report

If you’re not sure which services you’ll benefit from most, give us a call today for a free site survey so we can tailor your bundle to the exact requirements your business needs.

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