September 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our Newsletter for September 2021!

Calling All Landlords

We have just added a Visual Electrical Inspection Condition Reporting service to our portfolio, specifically created for Landlords to guarantee electrical installation compliance when tenancies change.

New regulations introduced in 2020 require landlords to be able to demonstrate certification and proof of compliance at any time, to their tenants and the local authority,

So if you have properties or run a property group, don’t get caught out, as you may get fined.

Give us a call on 01388 833836.

What’s been happening…

We couldn’t miss out on doing ‘our bit’ for the planet and are proud to have commissioned 23 solar panels that were installed during August on the roof of Tomlinson Longstaff HQ.

Like many businesses, we’re continuously and consciously looking for ways to make our business more cost and energy-efficient and reduce the strain on non-renewable resources.

Join the green footprint revolution. Call us today to find out more…

Join the green footprint revolution.

Call us today to find out more…

Improved Lighting, Reduced Cost

A short-notice change in classroom usage at Woodham Academy Secondary School, Newton Aycliffe, resulted in a much-needed lighting upgrade & an opportunity to secure ongoing energy efficiency & cost-savings for the school.

Our team worked around the school & students, minimising disruption, installing LED panels to enhance the learning environment, reduce ongoing maintenance costs & lower energy usage.

Want to know more about what we do? Take a look at our case studies

Woodham classroom after LED replacement

Did you know…

Long life lightbulb - Shanto Mazumder - Pexels / Canva

… sales of halogen lightbulbs are due to be banned in the UK from this month.

This move, backed by legislation, will aid in reducing carbon emissions in the UK by a whopping 1.26 million tonnes a year. Who would have thought it?

If you haven’t made the switch to LED yet and are not sure where to start, give us a call so we can assess what is needed to get your home or business LED friendly.

Hints and Tips…

On average, we save our commercial, industrial & education sector customers between a whopping 30% to 40% on their annual energy bill.
And we could do the same for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • initial on-site visit.
  • 1 week usage assessment.
  • Analysis report delivered to you highlighting how we can help you reduce consumption, create efficiencies, save money.

Learn more about our energy efficiency assessments.

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Service Highlight – Fire Alarm Solutions

Keeping your fire alarm serviced and ensuring it meets all your site requirements couldn’t be more important.

Tomlinson Longstaff offers addressable and wireless as well as conventional fire alarm systems, so you can sleep easy at night knowing all your most precious assets, your people & your machinery, are protected.

Let the experts manage it for you.

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