LED Lighting Upgrade – St. Astier Ltd., Seaham

The Client

LED Lighting Upgrade – St. Astier Ltd., Seaham

The Brief

A LED lighting upgrade for a substantial part of their business premises was the key requirement for our client.

St Astier Ltd. needed the lighting to meet safe working lux levels but also wished to allow their employees a degree of autonomy over their individual work area lighting levels. Our client was also keen to reap the multiple benefits of saving money and time on power use, running costs and maintenance.

The Activity:

Following a visit to the client’s site, we were able to create a lighting design that both met the required lux levels but also allowed individual employees control over the lighting in their own work area using dimmer switches.

After designing the lighting, the new LED lights and control systems were installed, tested and commissioned, bringing significant improvements to the client’s lighting

One of the main challenges that we faced was that the existing lighting was contained within 1200 X 600mm ceiling tiles and to achieve the lighting spread needed, we had to alter the suspended ceiling to accommodate 600 X 600mm tiles.

The Result:

St. Astier Ltd’s new lighting now benefits from;

  • reduced power requirements
  • reduced running costs
  • reduced maintenance frequency
  • reduced maintenance costs

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