Disabled Toilet Call Systems : The Regulations

It is important that businesses make reasonable adjustments to ensure accessibility for all. This includes accessible toilets with disabled toilet call systems.

Disabled Toilet Call System Regulations

British Standard 8300

It’s vital to ensure that any disabled call alarm system you install in a disabled toilet complies with BS 8300:2009.

For example, all BS8300 compliant accessible toilet call systems, must only be able to be reset from the location that they were originally operated. This stops anyone accidentally resetting the alarm remotely, when the person in the toilet may still need help.

  • The reset button should be suitably located, so that it can be reached by anyone using a wheelchair.
  • Also, as well as sounding, the alarm should also have a light on it, to show the operator that the alarm has been successfully activated. A light coming on is essential for those who are deaf and additionally, the alarm must sound for those who are visually impaired, so that they can be sure that the alarm has indeed been triggered.
  • It’s also critical that the pull cord for the alarm is located within easy reach and can be immediately identified as a disabled toilet call system, rather than a fire alarm (this also means that the sound has to be different to that of a fire alarm).
  • The pull cord should also be red.
  • Although this is by no means an exhaustive list, these are some of the key specifications a disabled toilet call system must meet in order to be BS8300 compliant.
Disabled toilet alarm system

Not to be confused with disabled refuge systems

Disabled refuge systems, a type of two-way intercom system to enable disabled people to communicate with security or emergency services in an emergency situation, such as a fire or bomb threat, are often confused with toilet alarms.

These types of system are distinct and separate from disabled toilet alarm systems and should be treated as such.

Installing a Disabled Toilet Call System

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