Creating a Secure Environment at your School or Business

Here at Tomlinson Longstaff, we’ve come up with some simple things that you can do to create a secure environment in your business or school:

Create a secure lobby area

Having a secure lobby area with door access equipment, which visitors and staff must go through in order to gain access into the main building, is essential.

By doing this, you are not only restricting access to those who have clearance to go into your building (or are signed in as visitors) but you can also keep a log of who is in the building on any particular day or time.

This is particularly useful if there is a fire or an evacuation is necessary for some other reason.

It’s important to make sure that your main entrance and secure lobby area is signposted and is easily accessible for all visitors.

Intercom systems

If possible, you should install intercom systems at any gates, so that visitors must speak to someone on reception, before gaining entry to your premises.

The installation and maintenance of intercom systems is relatively simple and adds an additional layer of protection (rather than someone just walking through an unlocked gate), which is especially important for schools with playgrounds and playing fields.

CCTV systems

Where appropriate, CCTV systems can help you to keep an eye on any vulnerable areas, through which criminals could gain access to your school or business.

There are some systems that can be installed in a more discreet way, should you not want CCTV to be obviously visible to passers by.

Alarm keypad to help create your secure environment - Photo by Pixelshot - Canva

Alarm systems

Most schools and businesses already have intruder alarm systems installed but it is vital to check that these are still working as they should.

Most will require maintenance or audits on a fairly regular basis.

If you are worried about whether or not your alarm systems are up to scratch, seek advice from a qualified professional.

Creating a secure environment – we can help

These are just some of the things that you can do that will help you to create a more secure environment at your school or business.

Based in Country Durham, Tomlinson Longstaff has commercial electricians with experience in designing, installing and maintaining security systems, such as Door Access and Intruder Alarms.

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