Is Your Fire Alarm System Legally Compliant?

Once your fire alarm system is installed, how do you ensure that it remains legally compliant and continues to protect your employees and visitors to your business premises?

Fire Alarm Compliance Checklist:

You must test your fire alarm system every week

You must ensure that your system is maintained in good working order. As part of this, a different manual call point should be tested each week.

Visual checks of your whole system are also essential.

Monthly tests

If you have an automatically started generator that you use for your fire alarm system, this should be tested monthly.

If you use vented batteries as a standby power supply for your fire alarm, they should also be inspected.

It must be serviced a minimum of every 6 months

All servicing must be carried out in accordance with BS5839-1:2013. Failure to do so may mean that your insurance becomes invalid.

A competent person must carry out the testing and maintenance

Ensure that whoever you use to inspect and maintain your system is competent and qualified to do so.


As well as routine maintenance, such as replacing filament lamps and testing automatic fire detectors, there may also need to be non-routine maintenance carried out, such as repairs of any damage.

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What else?

This list is an example of some of things that need to be done to ensure that your fire alarm system is legally compliant, but is by no means exhaustive.

Neglecting to properly service your fire alarm system could mean that it’s no longer compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. If you have a fire and people are injured because your fire alarm hadn’t been properly maintained, you could find yourself with a fine or, in extreme cases, even a prison sentence.

Why regular fire alarm system maintenance matters

Regular maintenance can not only help to ensure the safety of your staff, should a fire ever break out, but could also reduce wasted work hours responding to false fire alarms (and the complacency this can create).

Additionally, it could save you money on calling out emergency engineers, that you have had to enlist to help pinpoint problems within a faulty system.

Most importantly, a properly maintained fire alarm could save lives. Using an experienced electrical contractor to perform this maintenance can give you peace of mind that everything has been checked thoroughly by a professional and can help to ensure that any defective detectors or other equipment, can be replaced as soon as possible.

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