AO Logistics Case Study – LED Lighting Upgrade

The Brief

As a long term client of Tomlinson Longstaff, AO Logistics called upon us to assess the distribution centre lighting and carry out repairs due to some recent issues resulting in ineffective and faulty lighting. 

The Activity:

Once a site assessment had been completed by our engineer, it was noted that the current lighting solutions were old and had degraded to the point of being considered unsafe; plus the height at which the lighting was installed resulted in difficult maintenance routines, therefore a new solution being the most efficient way forward. 

Tomlinson Longstaff recommended a full replacement proposal, which not only provided a more energy and cost effective solution to AO Logistics but also minimised the maintenance cost and disruption requirements for the future. 

We proposed a full design solution including a wiring alteration alongside carbon reduction estimates and LED upgrade, resulting in 12 lighting units being removed and replaced with 9 LED lighting units. 

Due to the nature of the site, access to the distribution building was more complex with the required equipment, resulting in project completion being delayed by 1 day. However our team worked around the day to day activity of the logistics centre to ensure minimised disruption to productivity and personnel. 

The Result:

As well as enhanced lighting throughout the building, our client has seen almost immediate cost savings in terms of carbon usage (down by c.56%), electricity usage, and ongoing maintenance costs due to the longevity and power efficiency of the LED solution installed. 

What the client said:

“The new lighting is great, thank you”

– AO Logistics

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