Electrical Vehicle Charging Point Installation for Stone Technical Group

The Brief

A conscious move by Stone Technical Group, building maintenance and groundwork providers, for their first order of electrical vehicles created a requirement for 4 charging points on-site.

Tomlinson Longstaff were challenged with designing, sourcing, supplying, installing and commissioning the 4 charging points required. 

The Activity:

Our first action was to load test the existing electrical installation to ensure there was capacity for the additional load required for the 4 charging stations.

Once confirmed, Tomlinson Longstaff presented Stone with a couple of options allowing a variance in energy use and charging speed.

4 x 7kw points were agreed on, however the client also required the 4 units to run from one single pole, instead of the usual 2 units per pole.

Having consulted with the manufacturer, who advised this was possible, we challenged ourdesign minds to develop a solution to deliver the 4 charging points from one pole without compromise to the speed, energy usage or installation overload.

The Result:

The 4 electric vehicle charge points were installed on time and within financial budget despite the added design requirement complexity.

The move to electric vehicles will clearly benefit Stone Technical Group financially with the cost savings versus standard fuel consumption, as well as improve their business ‘green efficiency’ rating.

This move has also opened up conversations as to other renewable technology solutions that Tomlinson Longstaff offer to compound energy usage efficiency and offset increased electrical power consumption.

What the client said:

“ [Tomlinson Longstaff have] exceeded expectations, not just met!”

– Richard Pavlou, Managing Director, Stone Technical Group

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